Thursday, March 18, 2010

A place for sharing our journey of navigating the virtual online worlds available and their possible roles within educational contexts.


  1. What a ride! I've been fortunate that my virtual experience came through a very robust a well supported program (QA). This is what ensured my survival and the program's success. The only remaining impediments reflect a reticence to adapt to the challenges and opportunities presented by this relatively new paradigm of immersive learning (and teaching). The students themselves continue to be the true agents of change as they embrace 21st Century learning with an enthusiasm that inspires. We simply need to respond in kind, not allowing the status quo to put the brakes on progress.

  2. Thank you for the comment Gord and I'm sure appreciating the opportunity to learn more about the virtual environment and its power to help learners "do" rather than just imagine...
    I think there are so many reasons why resistance to this medium is is a massive, massive shift in teaching and learning...
    I've been focusing on trying to emmulate the learners in my level of enthusiasm and allowing myself to be inspired by their excitement.
    That said...what I'm finding hardest right now are the choices that need to be made around platforms to use and what is the best fit for our organization.
    I feel frustrated that knowing whatever time I put in will probably need to be put in again very soon to upgrade to the newest and best fits. I guess this is the price of pushing the technological envelope. It would be much easier to let someone else work out all of the "bugs" and then use it. Somehow though, I don't think it would be as rewarding.