Wednesday, April 14, 2010


Today's reflection has been around how excited I am to be learning about virtual worlds through virtual world use myself. Is this not exactly why I am excited about using virtual worlds with learners? So they too can learn to do by doing?

I'm reading Clark Aldrich's Book - Simulations and the Future of Learning. - and am thoroughly enjoying his blog
Here are some of his quotes from Wikipedia:
"If I had six hours to learn anything, I would spend four of it practicing."
"An inexperienced learner is thrown by frustration, but a good learner uses it."
"The simulation interface is part of the content, not just a conduit to the content."
"We are at a time in the history of education when everything can change. Our minds can be as well developed and nurtured as our bodies… the work of a few people will echo through the ages, changing the very wealth of nations."

One thing that interests me even more as a distributed learning teacher is his unschooling project as many of the families I work with aim to, and succeed at, bringing these philosophies into their child(ren)'s learning experiences. He outlines 33 Critical Skills Seldom Taught, Tested, or Graded in High School which are a good reminder of where sometimes as educators we are missing the boat...

So...back to today's learning activities. Tree planting in Active Worlds, checking out several simulations to use with Grade 3 learners and then maybe an adventure in Second Life. I feel lucky to live in such an amazing time...


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